IT-Director: IBM endorses Linux servers

“Just as Microsofts fortunes take a downward turn, IBM is
stepping up the Linux challenge. IBM Netfinity servers with Linux
preinstalled can be as much as 25% cheaper than the Windows
The ability to buy a ready-to-run Linux server
from Big Blue is likely to put an end to the notion that Linux is
unsuited to the corporate market.”

“The IBM Netfinity range of Intel based servers will initially
be offered with Caldera Systems Linux distribution. Other options
are planned to follow, using Linux packages from Red Hat and
TurboLinux. Offering servers with Linux is a logical move for IBM,
which has already both offered Linux services and ported software
to the system. It is a clear indication that Linux has a strong
presence in the server market and is likely to see further

“The Linux server package is thought by IBM to appeal to users
that combine price sensitivity with technical awareness. That is
typically small companies that have a technology specialist or
larger enterprises with strong internal IT departments. Internet
applications have always led the way for Linux servers, but the
spread of available server side software is growing steadily. Many
would now regard Linux as a mainstream server platform.”


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