IT-Director: Linux Beats Windows NT in German Benchmark

“In response to the Mindcraft benchmarks of Linux against
Windows NT, the German technical computer magazine c’t has run
benchmarks of its own, comparing the Windows NT/IIS combination
with the Linux/Apache combination. C’t’s approach has been to
adjust the some of the basic conditions used in the Mindcraft
benchmark to reflect a realistic web server set up.”

“he benchmark was run on a Siemens Primergy 870 web server with
four Pentium II Xeon CPUs running at 450 MHz, 2 Gb RAM and two
network boards (Intel EtherPro 100). The system also included a
RAID controller (Mylex DAC 960) and RAID disks. The system cost was
about $52,000 (DM 100,000) and the European S.u.S.E. Linux 6.1 was
used (updated to the latest kernel version 2.2.9) and Windows NT
4.0. (updated to Service Pack 4)”



c’t: Linux and
NT as Web Server on the Test Bed