IT-Director: Linux boosted by Intel web boxes

“Intel is moving into the market for “web appliances” with boxes
for e-mail and web surfing. Based on the Celeron processor, the
company has chosen Linux as the operating system. Intel aims to
sell primarily to service providers who will bundle the unit with
an Internet package….”

The design chosen by Intel is built around a phone,
emphasising the service provider angle. Support for call management
and fax is also expected. The target customers are families without
a PC.
Although PC prices have fallen, the PC is still seen as
unattractive by people who want Internet services without hassle.
Intel claims that the choice of Linux as the operating system was
based on customer preferences. The fact that it doesn’t add to the
cost probably played a part too.”

“Complementing the operating system will be the Mozilla browser,
a portal interface from InfoSpace and telephony and messaging from
Lucent and Telcordia. The name on the box will be Intel. Other
computer makers, including Compaq and IBM, have plans for this
market and may resent competition from Intel. It is likely, though,
that Intel’s primary aim is to boost the market as a whole rather
than take a large share. The company has followed that path