It’s clamfs chowder time!

[ Thanks to Locutus
for this link. ]

“Over the years I have heard about clam chowder. I have
never had it but it is supposed to be scrumptious. However, this is
not a blog about food but about technology and the clam I am going
to munch on is none other than clamfs which is a virtual file
system for real time protection of viruses using the clam antivirus

“Even though windows viruses do not effect Linux systems those
same Linux systems can harbour and transmit viruses to windows
clients connecting to them. So it is important to make sure that
these systems are kept clean. Especially if you are using the
system as a Samba file server.

“At the moment I am currently fighting a war against a
particularly nasty virus, a trojan virus, which is not detected by
the different anti virus engines I have tried. Although it’s
effects are.”

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