It’s official: We Love Windows 7

“Instead, we love Windows 7 because it seems to be providing
Linux with a massive PR boost and indeed may well backfire on
Microsoft – people are more curious than ever about how Linux
stacks up against Windows 7. Read on for more information…

“Fact: in the last 48 hours since Windows 7 launched, traffic to
some of our articles has gone up 400%. No, many more people aren’t
suddenly looking to learn PHP programming and, no matter how cool
our free Linux wallpapers are they aren’t suddenly the big

“Instead, Google is suddenly driving vast amounts of traffic to
two particular pages of ours: Linux vs Windows 7 and Benchmarked:
Ubuntu vs Vista vs Windows 7. You see, it seems that people who see
the big marketing push for Windows 7 aren’t all immediately going
out and parting with their hard-earned cash.”


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