KaOS Linux’s November 2017 Release Adds KDE Plasma 5.11.3, Linux Kernel 4.13.12

Almost every month, KaOS developers release an updated installation medium that contains all the latest GNU/Linux technologies and Open Source applications. The KaOS 2017.11 ISO snapshot comes the recently released KDE Plasma 5.11.3 desktop environment, as well as both KDE Applications 17.08.3 and KDE Frameworks 5.40.0 software stacks, all compiled against the Qt 5.9.2 application framework. Under the hood, KaOS 2017.11 is powered by the latest and greatest Linux 4.13.12 kernel, systemd 235 init system, Mesa 17.2.5 graphics stack with experimental patches for the Nouveau open-source video driver for Nvidia GPUs to allow the use of QtWebengine-based apps on the distribution, as well as Perl 5.26, PHP 7.0.25, Poppler 0.61.1, D-Bus 1.12.2, OpenCV 3.3.1, Porotobuf 3.4.0, and Texlive 2017.