KDE Applications 20.08 Released with Many Improvements to Dolphin, Konsole, and More

KDE Applications 20.08 marks the end of life of the KDE Applications 20.04 series and it’s here to bring your KDE apps to the next level, implementing numerous new features and improving existing functionality to many of your favorite apps, including Dolphin, Konsole, Yakuake, Digikam, Kate, Elisa, KStars, Okular, Gwenview, and more. Highlights include support for the Dolphin file manager to show thumbnails for 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF) files, show previews of files and folders stored on encrypted filesystems like Plasma Vaults, let users easily identify files and folders with long names, remember and restore the last location you were viewing, opened tabs and split views, as well as to mount ISO images.