KDE Frameworks 5.37.0 Released for KDE Plasma 5 Desktops with 119 Changes

KDE Frameworks 5.37.0 appears to be a major update compared to previous releases, and it adds a total of 119 changes across various components and apps for the latest KDE Plasma 5 desktop environments, including Plasma Framework, KWayland, KTextEditor, KIO, KCoreAddons, KConfig, KActivities, KArchive, KDeclarative, KDesignerPlugin, KHTML, KI18n, as well as Breeze icons. And the biggest changes included in this release are Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for the KHTML engine, support to ipv*.route-metric in NetworkManagerQt, updated Akregator system tray icon, Qt5Widgets build support for Sonnet, cross-compilation support for the highlighting indexer, PowerShell highlighting, along with Pug and Jade syntax support.