Keithcu.com: 10,000 Bugs Away from World Domination

“I am an ex-Microsoft programmer of 10 years who hadn’t spent 10
minutes with any Open Source code till I left Microsoft–which is
actually very typical for MS employees.

“After leaving 1 year ago and spending it with Linux (most of
that time with Ubuntu) I’ve gained tremendous respect for the Open
Source world as a whole but more than that, had an epiphany that
Linux on the desktop is 99.999% ready to go. Linux is lean, stable,
polished and extremely rich. All of the pieces needed for world
domination on the desktop are there. If every Microsoft employee
installed Linux, the attrition rate would double–which would be
considered a catastrophe. If Bill Gates were to install Linux, he’d
hire someone to smash one of his plasma TVs…”