Kindle’s Secret Sibling: Amazon’s Android Tablet

[ Thanks to Jason
for this link. ]

“Amazon has all the value-added services that would be
necessary in order to launch a mass-market Android device —
be it a media player like the iPod Touch, a 7-inch slate like the
Samsung Galaxy Tab, or even a full-sized 10-inch tablet like the

“It has a music distribution service, Amazon MP3 that competes
well with Apple’s iTunes, and has a Video-On-Demand service, Amazon
Video, which could potentially provide content downloads to compete
with iTunes video rentals on the iPad and also with any Apple TV
service that might launch on the iPad in the future. And naturally,
it also has the entire Kindle Store with over 1 Million ebooks from
which to choose from which it already trounces Apple’s iBooks with,
even when used on their own iOS platform.

“Kindle and Amazon MP3 have already been ported to Android, so
the only missing app here would be a media player program for
downloading and streaming Amazon’s DRMed video”

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