KT&P Call for Papers

[ David Clarke writes:

“Knowledge, Technology and Policy” is publishing a theme issue
on “Open-Source Software”. Submissions are due 1 October 1999.
Provocative questions are invited for analysis:

  • Why should universities use commercial software when
    open-source software is more congruent with the ideal of open,
    shared knowledge?
  • Can you make money giving away your product?
  • Can open-source software development be managed
  • Can open-source methods produce feature-rich software?
  • Which is more reliable and better supported: open-source or
    commercial software?
  • How and why do open-source development efforts fail?
  • What are the intellectual property problems?
  • What are the ethical problems?
  • Just how hot is this going to heat up?

Visit KT&P’s website for more information: http://www.siu.edu/departments/ats/kt&p/KT&P.htm

Or contact the Editor, David Clarke at: [email protected]