La Gaceta de Linux: September issue available online in Spanish.

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for this announcement: ]

Mexico city, Mexico September 6th, 2000.

La Gaceta de Linux, the
monthly, online edition in Spanish of Linux Gazette, has made available
the september issue (number 57) of the online journal.

Besides the new issue, there are also stories and news in
spanish about Linux, bussines use of Linux, professional support
forums and a strong focus of Linux applied to formal Information
Technology within the Latin American enterprise and corporate

Some news from La Gaceta de Linux

More than 70 articles translated to Spanish in just three

More than 120 registered volunteering translators.

Spanish speaking community of visitors and users from more than
nineteen countries.

La Gaceta de Linux has
positioned itself as one of the top 10 most active Linux sites in
Spanish, according to the www.webring.org‘s “Linux en
Castellano webring” (webring.org just taken over by Yahoo!).

New services in spanish just opened online at our home page:
Piensa en Linux such as user’s
forums, knowledge bases and many more.

Invitation to participate:

We welcome all Spanish speaking persons, interested in Linux and in
contributing to the worldwide linux spanish speaking community, to
join us and participate either translating articles or helping
others to enjoy Linux at our support forums.

About: Bufete Consultor de México, S.A.
de C.V. (BCM) – Piensa Systems

BCM is a private Mexican company, established in 1994 as an
Information Technology consulting firm. BCM has a wide experience
on the design, construction, deployment and management of mission
critical systems based on Linux, Open source and Free Software for
the enterprise, corporations and businesses in México, the
Caribbean and Latin America. “Piensa”, “Piensa.com” and “Piensa
Systems” are registered trademarks of BCM.


Felipe Barousse
CEO and Director General
Bufete Consultor de México
Tel. +(52)5247-0272
[email protected]