LANshark Systems Offers New Linux Hardware

(Columbus, Oh) LANshark Systems is pleased to announce the
opening of their on-line web store selling pre-configured Linux
hardware and software. The address of this new web site is:


LANshark offers a full-range of preconfigured and pre-installed
Linux systems from ~$1,200 up to >$10,000 for use as
workstations and servers. RAID and rackmounted systems are an
available option as well.

All LANshark Systems servers and workstations are carefully
selected for reliability, value, and compatibility with Linux. Each
system is custom-built for the customer, and is pre-configured with
attention to detail using Red Hat Linux, including all errata and
updates released at the time of shipment.

LANshark is also announcing the availability of technical
support services, consulting, and custom programming services for
Linux. LANshark’s intention is to promote and support Linux as a
viable alternative for large and small businesses, and to offer
reliable, cost-effective solutions for business and individual

For more than 5 years, LANshark has been using Linux internally
as a web-server, file server, and development system to develop and
support Banyan-specific UNIX utilities and server-based

LANshark has also been pre-installing and pre-configuring Linux
hardware for internal use, and for the use of local Central
Ohio-area customers. LANshark Systems is now making those
high-quality, reliable systems available via the internet as an
alternative to Microsoft operating systems.


LANshark Systems was founded in 1990 to develop enterprise
software applications to Fortune 500 companies. LANshark has
installed software in over 2/3 of the world’s Fortune 500
companies. LANshark develops and supports Windows95/98/NT and Unix
(Linux) software solutions (custom and pre-packaged) for business,
governments, and industry.