Laptop Survival With GKrellM

“Time to get out the tiny Phillips screwdriver, vacuum cleaner,
and air hose to do some disaster prevention. We’ll get to that
process shortly. First, I want to cover the GKrellM program and how
it can be used to monitor the health and activity on a Linux

“Easy System Monitoring

“GKrellM is a small graphical application that shows cpu
temperatures, memory usage, disk activities, network traffic, and a
whole host of other information about your system. Information
monitored and displayed, of course, depends on the particular type
of sensors employed by your laptop. The newer machines tend to have
more and a greater variety of built-in sensors.

“The program can be loaded using your distribution’s package
manager. It can also be installed from the command line with:

rreilly> sudo apt-get install gkrellm

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