LDP Weekly News — December 4, 2001

LDP Weekly News

   by David Merrill

Debian Licensing Issues

   About 2/3 of the LDP document collection will be removed from the base
   Debian distribution due to licensing issues unless they are
   relicensed. Most LDP documents are licensed under the LDP License, an
   old license used by the LDP in years past but that has been deprecated
   for some time. Now the need to relicense has become urgent.

   The Debian GNU/Linux distribution maintains separate trees for Free
   and Non-Free applications. The LDP has always been included in Free,
   apparently because nobody at Debian ever noticed that most LDP
   documents are Non-Free, according to the Debian Free Software
   Guidelines. (The DFSG is the policy which became the foundation for
   the Open Source Initiative's Open Source Definition.)

   In the course of a conversation with Colin Watson, the Debian LDP
   maintainer, I became aware of the licensing problem and let Colin know
   that Debian was in violation of their own Guidelines, and they are now
   in the process of splitting the LDP up into two separate collections,
   one composed of Free documents, and the other Non-Free.

   The Non-Free documents are not a part of the Debian base system.
   Although many Debian users install both Free and Non-Free
   applications, many others do not. The removal of many LDP documents
   from Debian base is not good news for the LDP.

   To further complicate issues, The freeze date for the next release of
   Debian is due on December 8, only a few days from now. It is quite
   possible we will be able to slip in some updates after that date,
   since documentation updates are such a low risk to stability, but we
   still have no time to spare.

   I am asking all LDP authors to help us out by licensing your documents
   to make sure they are freely distributable and that modified versions
   are allowed.

   The LDP does not officially endorse any one license, and we do not
   require any one license. We absolutely require that a document be
   freely redistributable, but we do not require anything beyond that.
   However, we also want to continue to have as many LDP documents
   available in the base Debian system as we possibly can.

   So, I am making a personal appeal to all LDP authors to ask that you
   relicense your documents under the GNU Free Documentation License, the
   Open Publication License (without applying the non-free options), or any
   other license that complies with the DFSG.

   Please either commit your update to cvs if you have an LDP cvs
   account, or send your updated document to submit@linuxdoc.org as usual
   as soon as possible.

   And thank you all for your continued support of the Linux
   Documentation Project. We wouldn't exist without you.

   David C. Merrill
   Collection Editor & Coordinator

New Maintainers Needed

   I've been writing to authors whose documents have not been updated in
   the last year to inquire as to their status. Often, these documents
   don't need updates, particularly if they document traditional Unix(TM)
   tools that haven't changed much in years, but sometimes authors are no
   longer able to keep their documents up to date.

   Our list of unmaintained documents has been growing dramatically due
   to this effort. This doesn't mean we have more unmaintained documents,
   just that I am identifying them. If you happen to be the author of a
   document listed here, your listed email is invalid and you need to
   contact us and update the document with your current email address. I
   consider documents with stale email addresses to be unmaintained.

   Beginning with this week's LDPWN, I'll be listing all of the documents
   that appear to be unmaintained. These documents are in need of someone
   to take care of them and keep them up to date. If you have some
   expertise in the area, please adopt one of them and help your fellow
   Linux users. They appear toward the end of this page.

   If you would like to become the maintainer of an LDP document, we will
   give you some help in getting started. Join the LDP discussion mailing
   list by going to lists.linuxdoc.org/, and post a message indicating the
   document you are interested in. We'll help you get on from there.

New Documents

     * CVS Best Practices
       Version 0.2, Vivek Venugopalan, vivekv@users.sourceforge.net
     * PCTel HSP MicroModem Configuration mini-HOWTO
       Version 1.00, Jan Stifter, j.stifter@medres.ch, Sayamindu
       Dasgupta, unmadindu@Softhome.net
     * SSL Certificates HOWTO
       Version 0.1, Franck Martin, franck@sopac.org

Updated Documents

     * Apache WebDAV and LDAP HOWTO
       Version 1.1, Saqib Ali, saqib@seagate.com
     * FBB Packet-radio BBS mini-HOWTO
       Version 1.11, Miroslav Skoric, m.skoric@eunet.yu
     * How to setup international keyboard in X Window System with
       Version 1.3, Juraj Sipos, xvudpapc@savba.sk
     * ISP-Connectivity-mini-HOWTO
       Version 2.0.1, Michael Strates, mstrates@croftj.net
     * LDP Author Guide
       Version 3.9, David Merrill, david@lupercalia.net, Jorge Godoy,
       godoy@metalab.unc.edu, Mark F. Komarinski, markk@linuxdoc.org
     * Le Francophones-HOWTO : Linux & la langue francaise
       Version 3.2.2, Guylhem Aznar, guylhem@metalab.unc.edu
     * Lilo mini-HOWTO
       Version 3.9, Miroslav Skoric, m.skoric@eunet.yu
     * Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers
       Version 1.19, Robert Kiesling, rkiesling@mainmatter.com
     * Linux+WindowsNT mini-HOWTO
       Version 2.10, Miroslav Skoric, m.skoric@eunet.yu
     * News Leafsite mini-HOWTO
       Version 0.4
     * PLIP Install HOWTO
       Version 1.36, Gilles Lamiral, lamiral@mail.dotcom.fr
     * The Linux System Administrators Guide
       Version 0.7, Joanna Oja, viu@iki.fi, Lars Wirzenius, liw@iki.fi
     * The Linux UUCP HOWTO
       Version 2.0.1, Guylhem Aznar, guylhem@metalab.unc.edu
     * The Linux keyboard and console HOWTO
       Version 2.12, Andries Brouwer, aeb@cwi.nl
       Version 1.2

Unmaintained Documents

   These documents have been abandoned by their maintainers and many of
   them have not been updated in some time. If you're willing to become
   the maintainer for one of them, please join the LDP discussion list at
   lists.linuxdoc.org/ and post a message indicating your interest.
     * Battery Powered Linux Mini-HOWTO
     * Brief Introduction to Alpha Systems and Processors
       Version 0.11
     * Enterprise Java for Linux HOWTO
       Version 0.2
     * HOW-TO for inHouse IntraNet
     * Installing Linux on ZIP disk using ppa ZIP Drive Mini-Howto
       Version 0.7
       Version 2.1
     * Linux Benchmarking HOWTO
       Version 0.12
     * Linux Swap Space Mini-HOWTO
       Version 1.42
     * Linux Threads Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     * NFS-Root Mini-Howto
       Version 8
     * News Leafsite mini-HOWTO
       Version 0.4
     * Quota mini-HOWTO
       Version 0.0
     * SoundBlaster AWE 32/64 HOWTO
       Version 1.2
     * Spanish Linux HOWTO
       Version 0.1
     * The Ftape FAQ
       Version 0.2
     * The Hebrew HOWTO
       Version 0.4
     * The LBX Mini-HOWTO
       Version 1.04
     * The Linux ""Linux-DOS-Win95-OS2"" mini-HOWTO
       Version 1.3.1
     * The Linux 3Dfx HOWTO
       Version 1.16
     * The Linux Busmouse HOWTO
       Version 2.0
     * The Linux Intranet Server HOWTO
       Version 2.11
     * The dosemu HOWTO
     * Token-Ring mini-HOWTO
       Version 4.1
       Version 1.2
     * Visible bell mini-Howto
       Version 2.22
     * X11-big-cursor MINIHOWTO
       Version 2
     * mini-HOWTO install qmail with MH
       Version 1.4

About the LDP

   The Linux Documentation Project is developing free, high quality
   documentation for the GNU/Linux operating system. This includes the
   creation of HOWTOs and Guides, and collaboration with other
   documentation groups.

   If you've always wanted to help Linux reach Total World
   Domination(tm), but you're not a programmer, there's still something
   you can do. Help the LDP!

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