Learning with TuxMath

“Rote learning of “math facts” is one of the really dull aspects
of grade-school mathematics. But if you can’t recall them quickly,
it can really hold you back even in higher mathematical
disciplines, because it just slows you down. My son’s been
struggling with this for some time now, with traditional solutions
like flash cards just not working very well. With “Tux of Math
Command”, otherwise known as “TuxMath”, though, he’s making
considerable progress at overcoming his “wall” with math. Homework
times are getting shorter because his recall speed is getting much
better with just one or two games a day — an easy goal to
reach because the games are actually fun (Seriously. I play it
myself now and then).

“Math has been a very frustrating experience for my son. He has
no trouble grasping the concepts; he performs well on tests; but
homework has been an incredible chore — he hits some kind of
wall and spends hours on getting just a few problems done. He’s
easy distracted — or more accurately, very good at coming up
with displacement activities to avoid facing the problems. So I
spent some time watching him at work and keeping him on task.”