Leaving Flickr Behind: Why You Should Host Your Own Photos and Why Linux Makes It so Damn Easy

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for this link. ]

“I’ve left Flickr. After many years as a loyal Flickr
user, I decided not to extend my pro account and leave the popular
photo sharing service altogether. Why? For starters, I couldn’t
find a satisfactory answer to a rather simple question: What would
happen if Flickr fails? It may be difficult to imagine that Flickr
would disappear, but remember that Flickr is just a business
— and not a profitable one at that. And even if Yahoo! will
continue supporting Flickr, what will happen if I wake up one
morning and discover that my account has been deleted without any
prior warning? Not that it has never happened to anyone before.

“These questions were only one reason why I started thinking
about leaving Flickr. Another important reason has a lot to do with
my work as an evangelist for Excito, a Swedish company that
develops the B3 Linux-based personal server. This tiny yet powerful
device can handle pretty much every task you throw at it, and I’ve
been using it as my file server and backup solution for quite a
while. And since it comes with the Apache/MySQL/PHP stack, the
decision to use B3 for hosting my photos was a no-brainer.”

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