Linspire 6: Two Steps Back

“Former Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony was pretty gung-ho about the
company’s upcoming release back in June. He said it would ‘fill
some key holes in our current offering.’ Unfortunately Linspire 6,
released last week, lacks the refinements you’d expect in a distro
you pay $50 to download. It drops some key distinguishing features,
and in return gains only some Microsoft technology as spelled out
in the Microsoft patent covenants Linspire agreed to. This release
seems to be about deferring to Microsoft.

“The Linspire 6 CD, like its predecessors, is both an install
disc and a live CD. Linspire 6 has impressive hardware support;
running on both my dual core desktops (E4400 and E6300) and slower
1.3GHz Celeron laptop, it detected everything from the PCMCIA and
PCI wireless cards to USB pen drives, USB hard disks, and USB