Linspire: Freespire: The “Hybrid” OS

“As we’ve been organizing the Freespire project and community,
detractors have also come forth, expressing their skepticism or
disapproval of Freespire. I fully expected this, for if there is
one thing you can count on when anything happens in the open source
community, it is that there will be disagreement, dissension and
debate. I certainly didn’t expect Freespire to be an exception to
this. Even though the vast majority of the response has been
positive and supportive, I wanted to talk about why Freespire has
created discomfort for some, and explain in more depth why the
Freespire project is doing things different than most other
community-driven Linux distributions.

“The disagreement doesn’t come from the fact that Freespire will
be free, or that it will focus on ease of use and providing a solid
development platform for desktop Linux and Linspire. There seems to
be pretty much agreement that these things are all good for open