Linspire Needs to Drop OS, Focus Exclusively On CNR

[ Thanks to Matt D. for
this link. ]

“Linspire fans thought I was nuts when I first suggested giving
up their OEM business. Even Kevin Carmony had his say regarding the
issue. Well, in light of the various differences of opinion, I wish
Kevin well in his new endeavors because as of recently, our
differences of opinion no longer apply.

“With a new CEO at the helm, I suggest again to stop barking up
the wrong tree with this Linspire/Freespire dream. What you have
here with CNR may not have the ‘payout’ your existing OEM business
currently provides, but the fact is that you will find a much
larger adoption rate supporting Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS and other more
mainstream, beginner-friendly Linux distributions than trying to
create a market with the ‘Spires…'”

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