Linux.com: Alternate Linux Platforms

“In the past, Linux has always had to play catch up with modern
architectures. But, as always, times are changing. Intel,
microprocessor giant, has already been involved with porting Linux
to the IA-64 architecture. Apple has helped with the porting of
Linux to the PowerPC chip through MkLinux. Compaq is supporting
Linux on the Alpha, and has recently ceased supporting Windows NT
on that architecture. So with all of this development on other
popular platforms, why has there been very little publicity about

“From a capitalist standpoint it makes little sense to support
“unstable” software on a hardware platform that seems to have very
little support. Would it make sense for Red Hat, Inc. to offer
their GNU/Linux distribution on the MIPS or Motorola 68xxx
platforms, which are much newer and are not as stable or as proven
as the x86 code?…”