Linux.com: Another Halloween Document

[ Thanks to D.Manchester for this link.

“In a rare moment of router stability, an E-mail from a
microsoft.com E-mail address landed in my inbox this morning. I
figured this was just going to be that spam about getting 5,000
bucks from Microsoft if I just pass the mail onto both of my
friends, and was about to delete it, but then I looked a little
closer. What had been passed to me was clearly a leaked memo from
the bowels of the Evil Empire, and from Bill himself, no less!
Seeing as I am always in search of quick fame, I thought I’d post
it here immediately.”

What I recieved appeared to be a somewhat unfortunate
tradition; Microsoft seems to have taken to using Halloween as the
time for an annual review of Linux’s standing
, based on a memo
that leaked in October of 1998, penned by a guy named Vinod
Valloppillil. Say that five times fast. Vinod admitted to a bunch
of things we never thought we’d hear a Microsoft employee say, and
it got all sorts of press. Vinod works for a Linux company now. No

“For the previous documents that follow in the tradition of All
Hallow’s Eve, please see http://www.opensource.org/halloween/.
Nothing has been edited here, typos included, except that I’ve
removed the name of the informant.”


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