Linux.com: Bring Back Deleted Files with lsof

“There you are, happily playing around with an audio file you’ve
spent all afternoon tweaking, and you’re thinking, ‘Wow, doesn’t it
sound great? Lemme just move it over here.’ At that point your
subconscious chimes in, ‘Um, you meant mv, not rm, right?’ Oops. I
feel your pain–this happens to everyone. But there’s a
straightforward method to recover your lost file, and since it
works on every standard Linux system, everyone ought to know how to
do it.

“Briefly, a file as it appears somewhere on a Linux filesystem
is actually just a link to an inode, which contains all of the
file’s properties, such as permissions and ownership, as well as
the addresses of the data blocks where the file’s content is stored
on disk…”


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