Linux.com: Building Databases with Kexi and OpenOffice.org 2 Base

“If you asked most Linux users which Windows applications they
want to be able to use, Microsoft Access would probably come in at
the bottom of the list. However, there are also many people who
consider it to be a useful and important rapid application
development (RAD) tool. Now Linux users have a couple of good
Access alternatives–KDE’s Kexi and OpenOffice.org Base Version

“Kexi is touted as an open source competitor for Access. It
comes as part of KOffice, but can also be downloaded as a
standalone application. Installing Kexi is fairly simple, even if
you’ve never installed a Linux application before. On the other
hand, OpenOffice.org Version 2 is still in beta, and takes quite a
bit more work to install (depending on your Linux distribution).
Once OpenOffice.org 2 has been released, it should be as easy to
install as the stable version of OpenOffice.org, version