Linux.com: CLI Magic: A Better CD Encoder

“A better CD encoder (abcde) is a console-based utility that
grabs tracks off audio CDs and converts them to MP3, Ogg Vorbis,
and other formats using backend programs such as cdparanoia and
cdda2wav for grabbing tracks, and oggenc and lame for encoding

“Abcde is actually just a Bourne shell script, albeit a fairly
long one. It is well-written, and easy to hack and customize if you
want to add features or change the way it works. Packages are
available for most Linux distributions and BSDs, but if you can’t
find a suitable package for your favorite OS, don’t worry; since
it’s a shell script, no compilation is required. Just download the
latest tarball, unpack it, and run make install as root to install
it on your system…”


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