Linux.com: Damn Small Linux Plus Pendrive Equals Portable Paradise

“I recently acquired a 256MB USB pendrive that I use for storing
personal documents and work-related stuff. As a Linux fan who
wanted to make the most of his new toy, I went looking for the
simplest, smallest distro I could find that could boot from a
pendrive. I found Debian-based Damn Small Linux, whose long list of
bundled applications fits into a meager 50MB. The more I use it,
the more I like it.

“You can test DSL in a variety of ways: you can boot it from a
business card CD, install it on the hard drive, run it from a USB
pendrive, or even run it from within Windows (using Qemu). After a
quick search on the project’s wiki, I found the section related to
booting from USB.