Linux.com: Fear and Cocktails in Manhattan

“Last week I wrote about my continuing travails as a Linux
Newbie. I have to admit that one of my special gifts is creating
undue hardship whenever unnecessary. Specifically, I had two
problems: downloading 190 MB of PhatLinux 3.2 on a 56k modem, and
finding a Linux friendly ISP.”

The coolest thing that I have noticed about being a Linux
Newbie is the amount of readily available help from others
One of my original fears of becoming a Newbie was
having to ask “stupid” questions and then getting flamed for not
reading the manual or just being plain dumb. Just the opposite has
occurred. There is an incredible amount of patience and willingness
to help from all over the world.”

“For example, my new buddy Dennis replied to my article last
week and offered to burn some CDs for me to help with the cause. I
have two hard drives, one with Win 98 and the other with Mandrake
6.0. I don’t like my Mandrake hard drive. It’s loud and has only 3
gigs compared to 15 on my Windows drive. I asked whether he thought
I should just partition the 15 gig hard drive and install Mandrake
7.0 on it. I also offered to write him a check for any expenses
that he might incur. Here’s the response I got….”