Linux.com: FONTpage: A Quick and Easy Font Viewer

“The importance of an application has less to do with its size
or popularity than it does with the importance of the need it
fulfills. Recently I needed a font viewer, so I was happy to find
FONTpage 0.2, a new font viewing utility written by Paul Sherman.
FONTpage allows you to input text, display it in any of your system
fonts, and, if you like, create a PNG image of the text. I found it
handy for creating Web site logos.

“FONTpage is a GPLed Python program. You can download it as a
Slackware package, source code, or as an executable binary. You’ll
also need GTK+2-2.6, Python-2.4, pyGTK-2.6, and Fontconfig, unless
you grab the binary, in which case all the dependencies are taken
care of for you. Being the lazy type, that’s exactly what I