Linux.com: In An Admin’s Perfect World

“I’m an admin by trade. If you’re an admin, you read geek news
sites, which are rich in controversy and debate. Also, admins are
often times pessimists, conspiracy theorists, “realists,” and are
quicker to point out what’s wrong with something before what’s
right with something. Sometimes, they don’t even offer solutions to
things they see as problems in the non-technical world, presumably
because they feel it would never be implemented anyway, due to some
conspiracy theory that was aforementioned. There are reasons for
this pessimism. Further, there are many conspiracy theories in the
technical world that have been proven correct. Though the things
admins scoff at appear many and varied, they pretty much all boil
down to a few things which, if they existed, would pretty much do
away with all the debate. Here’s my top ten things that would exist
or happen in the perfect world of the admin…”