Linux.com: Introduction to IRC

“IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a great resource for everything
from meeting friends to getting help with your Linux system.
However, to the uninitiated, it can seem a bit daunting. Sure,
there are graphical IRC programs such as X-Chat, but to get the
most out of your experience, you’ll need to know some basic
commands and concepts. So, if you’re an IRC newbie, read

“First, let’s go over a few basic concepts. An IRC “network” is
a collection of IRC servers, such as EFNet, or the OpenProjects
network. They are “linked” together so that users on a particular
network can be spread out among a series or servers, but still talk
to one another, etc. When you want to use IRC, you connect to a
server in the network of your choice. Depending on the network, you
might be automatically assigned the best server. Or, you may find a
particular server that seems fastest for you.”

“Within an IRC network are “channels.” Channels are the places
you go to in order to talk with others. Channels are often set up
around a certain subject or “topic,” and their name always begins
with a pound sign. For example, on the OpenProjects network, the
channel for help with Linux is #linuxhelp. Channels are basically
the same as “chat rooms.”


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