Linux.com: Linux in the Classroom: Why Open Source Makes Sense for Education

The best arena for perpetuating the revolution and passing
on the ideals that have paved the way for today’s open source
solutions is to bring those solutions to the classroom.
In an
educational setting, Linux and open source can and will flourish,
helping to better prepare our children for tomorrow’s

“Linux for education. It seems like a ridiculously simple
concept. So why haven’t we done anything about it yet? The fact is
that few to no steps have been taken to bring these worlds
together, yet open source ideals make sense in the educational
arena for several reasons….”

“The teaching community has long operated on an open source
model, since well before it was en vogue to do so. For example, one
teacher may try a new science project with her class. It goes well,
so she tells the other grade level teachers about it and gives them
a copy of her lesson plans for that project. The following week,
one of the other teachers comes back to her with suggestions for
improvement on the project, which he then implements with his
class. The next year, all classes at that level benefit from the
sharing of ideas by taking part in a terrific science project
developed by a team of committed teachers.”