Linux.com: Linux Peripherals We’d Like To See (Humor)

“These days, most computer peripherals are designed to work best
in Microsoft Windows (sigh). But the rise of Linux in the public
lexicon means there may be a market for Linux-specific computer
hardware. This is the short list of hardware we here at
Linux.com would like to add to our collection. To appeal to the
hardware manufacturers of the world, I’ve drafted some sample

The name ‘CueDog’ makes me think of a gangsta rapper, but this is a
bit different. Makers of the :Cue:Cat barcode scanner have spoken
out recently against ‘reverse engineering’ of their protocols under
Linux. The CueDog prevents misuse of the :Cue:Cat device by chasing
the scanner away from your desk.”

“The CD-Bake Oven
… The CD-Bake Oven fits into a standard 5.25″ peripheral bay, and
uses extra heat from your system case to bake CD-ROM sized cookies.
After just 15 minutes running Mozilla (or five minutes of Quake III
Arena) you can have that fresh baked cookie smell venting from your
power supply fan.”


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