Linux.com: LUG Special Interest Groups

[ Thanks to Jim Ray
for this link. ]

“Just a few years ago, it was common to find several people
within an existing Users Group, such as a Unix Users Group, who
were interested in Linux and thus started a special interest group
(SIG) within the group to discuss Linux. Today, Linux Users Groups
have grown to become their own Users Groups focusing entirely on
Linux. Has Linux become popular enough to start spawning SIGs of
their own? Yes. I say they have.”

“The recent growth within Linux Users Groups, has started to
attract a wide variety of members with a wide variety of interests.
Groups have started to become challenged to provide content to
please all these different types of members. More experienced
members with Linux are becoming bored by the discussions of modem
and printer problems by new users, and new members are being
overwhelmed by discussions of kernel modules, programming, 3dfx
development, cross platform architectures, and other advanced
topics which are typically beyond grasp of the average new Linux

What have some LUGs done to help with this problem? They’ve
begun to create SIGs of their own within their group.
alternate nights, special SIGs, such as Perl Users, Newbie Night,
and special training nights have begun to grow in popularity. These
special nights are set to not conflict with regular LUG meeting
nights, but to complement them in both content and scheduling.”