Linux.com.sg (Singapore): Review on PFU’s Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite

“Singapore Linux Portal has taken on the task of reviewing this
very interesting keyboard. But sad to say, novel as this keyboard
is, I find that keyboard is not really useful/friendly. It has its
own merits though, but these merits do not warrant that I use this
keyboard instead of my conventional keyboard. In fact, I am writing
this review with my old conventional keyboard.”

“The size of the keyboard is definitely a drawing point
especially to Road Warriors, who want to travel around with their
notebooks and hate to type on a normal notebook keyboard (I hate
it! It is uncomfortable for my wrist). The keyboard is small enough
to put into the side pocket of a normal notebook casing and the
road warriors can just grab this keyboard and plug into the
keyboard port.

“This is also useful for users who have small tables and have
little space for stuff like monitors or keyboards. This small
keyboard takes up very little table space and the table looks more