Linux.com: Virtual Guitar Site Amps Up with LAMP

“Chordbook.com is a virtual playground for guitarists. The site
is one of the most popular guitar chord databases on the ‘Net, and
was once listed as one of the BBC’s top 10 educational sites.
Chordbook.com features an interactive database of chords and a
unique ‘virtual guitar’ that allows users to visualize chord
fingerings and hear chords as they should sound by ‘strumming’ the
virtual guitar. Glasgow guitarist Bob Melrose created the site as a
hobby, using Adobe Flash on top of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and

“‘It has been a huge success,’ Melrose says, ‘which I didn’t
expect when it was first designed.’ He says that chordbook.com
began as a ‘hobby project. [I was] learning to use Flash and simply
thought it would be great if I could model a virtual guitar and
stick it online.’ He couldn’t find a domain similar to ‘virtual
guitar,’ but chordbook.com was available…”


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