Linux.com: Why Does Linux Make Sense for India?

“Why does Linux make sense for India? Does it really make sense?
Let’s find out.”

The open source movement has started and companies no more
consider revenue in selling software. The new revenue model is in
making money out of services. Linux helped to bring about this
change. Moreover, it has brought about a paradigm shift in software

“When I first heard about Linux, I got a choice of installing it
from a CD, from the hard disk, from the Internet, over the network,
or creating floppies and installing them. I found Linux to be very
flexible and easier to use compared to all the Unices that I had
worked with before. Similarly, when non-profit organizations look
at Linux, they say “it’s free so might as well give it a try.”
Corporate managers know it will save them a lot of money.”


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