Linux Community Awards ’00 — call for submissions

[ Thanks to Roberto
for this announcement. ]

The Awards’ Rules

The Linux Community Awards is a mention of honour that will
be given to an individual or a team in Europe who contributed with
his/her work to the advance of Linux-technology.

The Awards is to be given in recognition of **
non-for-profit ** activities/work.

Commercial activities/work will not be considered for this

The Awards Ceremony

The Awards ceremony will be on October 5, at 13:15 at LinuxWorld
in Frankfurt. The Master of Ceremony will be Linus Torvalds.

The winner will receive travel and accomodation support from the
organizers of LinuxWorld Frankfurt to be able to take part to the
Awards Ceremony.

If the winner is a team, up to 2 team members will be invited to
the Awards Ceremony.

How to Vote

Simply nominate your winner using the form at:


Nominatons are valid only for non-for profit work.

The individual (or team) who receives the most of the votes

Please note that deadline for nominations is September 30 at
12.00 a.m. Central European time.

The Awards cannot be claimed legally.

To vote, visit: