Linux Development on the PlayStation 3, Part 3

[ Thanks to LinucksGirl for this link.

“In Parts 1 and 2, you saw how to use the runlevel system and
related tools to dramatically reduce memory usage on a PS3 running
Linux, leaving more memory available for compilation and similar
services. To wrap this up, let’s look at a few more things that are
worth doing, including at least one fairly hefty task: getting
X11’s footprint trimmed.

“The problem with X11 is that you may well need it. This is a
problem because the lowest memory footprint I saw for the X server
itself on my PS3 was around 40MB, which is way, way, too much of
available memory to sacrifice just for some pretty pictures. (Yes,
I did learn to use UNIX on a plain text terminal. Why are you
looking at me funny?) That said, it really is very useful
sometimes, and there are programs that don’t make sense to run
without graphics…”

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