Linux: Discussing the Really Fair Scheduler

“Ingo Molnar reviewed Roman Zippel’s Really Fair Scheduler code,
suggesting that much of the work was similar to that which was
being done by Peter Zijlstra, ‘all in one, we don’t disagree, this
is an incremental improvement we are thinking about for 2.6.24. We
do disagree with this being positioned as something fundamentally
different though–it’s just the same thing mathematically,
expressed without a ‘/weight’ divisor, resulting in no change in
scheduling behavior. (except for a small shift of CPU utilization
for a synthetic corner-case)’

“Roman was not impressed with Ingo’s review, asking, ‘did you
even try to understand what I wrote?’ He continued, ‘while Peter’s
patches are interesting, they are only a small step to what I’m
trying to achieve…'”