Linux Done Right (Personals Edition): Linux Shop Seeks Linux Vendor

[ Thanks to Peter Parker for this
link. ]

“Matthew Porter, the CEO of Contegix, is an anomaly as far as
I’m concerned–and I don’t mean that in a negative way whatsoever.
You see, Contegix, a managed hosting provider based in St. Louis,
Mo., is a 100% Linux shop. Every server they run internally has Red
Hat Enterprise Linux 3, 4 or 5 installed (although they’re not
using Xen just yet), and all their applications, save a
financial/payroll application that just has to run on Windows as a
virtual instance in VMware, runs on Linux. OK, so that makes them a
99% Linux shop with a vestigial Microsoft Windows appendix, and I
apologize. In an industry that holds sacred the ‘five nine’s,’ I
think you can give me some slack on this one.

“Anyway, outside of European universities and some HPC
instances, 100% Linux shops are a rare breed in this heterogeneous
operating system mishmash of a world we live in today. But that
still hasn’t stopped Contegix…”

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