Linux EXT4 Filesystem showing impressive speeds

“More and more articles have been appearing on the EXT4
filesystem. In fact, the article that really caught my eye was one
recently regarding the speed of using EXT4 on flash media. The
benchmarks posted speeds of EXT4, showing it excelling over
filesystems like FAT32 and NTFS by considerable amounts. As this
article above states, many flash drives come with Microsoft’s FAT32
which is nice because of compatibility. Most operating systems can
read/write FAT32. But, Microsoft has recently started to bring up
patent threats against the use of FAT32, which is one reason I have
started to steer away from it. Also, it has a 2 GB limit on file
sizes. Even though FAT32 is more compatible, I can see the benefits
of using EXT4, especially on small and slower devices like flash
media. Plus, as flash drives have become larger, the 2 GB limit of
FAT32 will start to be more of a show stopper, especially when
working with large video files, etc.”

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