Linux finally gets a great audio tagger

[ Thanks to swetna
for this link. ]

“As someone that loves music, listens constantly and is
always adding to my collection by purchasing and then ripping CDs,
a decent tag editor is an essential tool. I’ve been using Linux for
the past seven years or so and the only drawback that I was
constantly faced with was the lack of a great audio tag editor –
basically a Linux based equivalent to mp3tag. After trying every
Linux tagger I could get my hands on (Ex Falso, EasyTag,
Pinkytagger, Jaikoz, Picard, etc. etc.) I finally settled on
running mp3tag under Wine. Whilst it works, it’s still a compromise
because it cannot handle case sensitivity, cannot rename folders
and filenames and path lengths are limited to Windows file system
restrictions. In addition, there were a number of functional
enhancements and additions I wanted to see in mp3tag, but didn’t
seem like they’d see the light of day.

“Enter puddletag

“In December 2009 after again being frustrated with mp3tag’s
restrictions whilst tagging some albums I’d ripped I fired up
Google and searched again for a Linux tagger. To cut a long story
short I stumbled on puddletag…open source, coded in Python
and as luck would have it, loosely based on mp3tag.”

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