Linux Foundation Merges with Consumer Electronics Linux Forum

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“Is Linux inside your consumer electronics device?

“Linux is increasingly becoming the primary embedded operating
system for a myriad of consumer electronics devices, including
eBook readers, TVs, mobile phone and media players. To date, one of
the primary organizations helping to lead Linux for consumer
electronics has been the Consumer Electronics Linux Forum (CELF).
CELF is now being merged with the Linux Foundation in an effort to
help further integrate and expand the Linux ecosystem.

“”The demand for Linux in the consumer electronics and embedded
markets has been accelerating for a decade now, but we’ve hit a
tipping point where it is now both the fastest growing area of
computing and one of the biggest growth opportunities for Linux,”
Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation told
InternetNews.com. “CELF and The Linux Foundation have been
collaborating on their annual technical conference for the last two
years and we worked well together. We think it makes sense now to
combine forces since Linux in the embedded space is growing so

“The Linux Foundation has been a leading voice in the Linux
industry since it was formed in 2007 after succeeding Open Source
Development Labs (OSDL). The Linux Foundation is also the employer
of Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux.”

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