Linux Gazette: Creating a Linux Certification Program: Part 11 – Inviting the World to Participate

“It has been a very busy year for the Linux Professional
Institute. At shows and convention halls around the world, people
are interested in Linux*, and people want to know more about where
Linux is headed and the demands that will be placed upon the
administrators of these systems. The spectrum of the interested
Linux participant runs the full scale. From the outright beginner
who doesn’t have a clue what all the buzz is over this new
operating system, to the down and dirty hands on faster than a
speeding bullet kind of person; everyone wants to be a player in
the Linux game.”

“The Linux Professional Institute invites all Linux
enthusiasts and professionals to participate in their certification
exams and become known as an LPI -1, LPI -2 or LPI -3 Professional.
This certification is currently being recognized by IBM, SGI, HP,
SuSE, and TurboLinux, a partial list.
Since the first exam was
taken; just a few months ago in June; there have been exams taken
in almost every part of the globe. The top five countries (for most
tests taken, in descending order) were the U.S, Germany, Canada,
Netherlands, and Japan. But, there were participants from Taiwan,
Switzerland, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Ecuador
and many more.”

“Come join the Linux Professional Institute and all their
sponsors in challenging yourself as a Linux enthusiast. We invite
you to participate in our testing procedure which leads to
certification. Certification of professional Linux administrators.
Be part of a world-wide organization where you can make a
difference. Join our many discussions through mailing lists or help
staff booths in different parts of the world. The Linux
Professional Institute invites anyone interested in helping the
organization through its next year of progress, to log on to
www.lpi.org and click on “Getting Involved”. We’re looking forward
to another great year, and we hope you will be with us for the


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