Linux Gazette: Creating A Linux Certification Program, Part 4

“As the community effort to develop a Linux certification effort
matures, we need your help to move the process to the next level.
It seems hard to believe that it’s only been four months since the
October LG article that launched this particular initiative. In
that time, we have gathered together over 120 people interested in
developing the certification program, joined together with another
group that was working on certification since the spring of 1998
and have moved the whole process along quite far…”

“We need you! If we are to pull off a program of this size
and scale as a community effort, we need the help of everyone who
may be interested in having a professional certification program
for Linux.
Whether you have a large or small amount of time to
help… whether you are a Linux “guru” or a “newbie”… you can
help make this program a reality!”

“To help out, you need to join one or more of our mailing lists.
Before you decide how you can help, please read about our proposed
program (which has been arrived at over the past four months of
discussions) and the structure we are building to move the whole
process forward. I would suggest you also browse the archive of our
linux-cert mailing list to understand the discussions we’ve had to