Linux Gazette: Making a Simple Linux Network Including Windows 9x

I decided to write this article because often, when I read
some howtos or general help texts, I find it difficult to navigate
myself in the sea of information due to the fact that I often need
only a little to know. Instead, I’m compelled to read hundreds of
pages of texts to find an answer.

“I will give you an example. This article will help you make a
simple network between two computers, but I haven’t been able to
mail between the two machines. The sendmail configuration is very
complicated and before I find a solution, I have to read many pages
of texts. But I actually need only few words, something like: “Put
this in sendmail configuration file and you’re done”. I do not want
to say that I will not be able to solve this, but time is money and
I often have to do other things for living. People like me like
examples that can be applied without problems. So I also give such
examples in my article. I will not tell you to put in your
/etc/hosts, as some authors write about configuring a home network,
because this is not a private network IP number. I will give you
the numbers and expressions I have and use with assurance that it
works with me. Please do not email me with questions like “my Linux
doesn’t see a parallel port”, “I cannot connect to another machine
from second parallel port…” or questions that are answered in
this article, but mail me with how to configure a sendmail!”

“This article also expects some work and study to be done on
your part assuming you will not use some prehistoric kernels or