Linux Gazette: SAMBA, Win95, NT and HP Jetdirect

I am running a computer routing lab that is used to teach
routing fundamentals on proprietary equipment.
It consists of
an 18 seat lab with 9 PCs, 1 server and 1 HP LaserJet 4050N with a
HP Jetdirect print server card installed. The server is running
Slackware 4.0 with Linux 2.2.6 on it. Eight of the PCs are running
WinNT 4.0 SP5 and one PC is running Win95a.”

“My requirements for the Linux server are as follows:

  • run as a workgroup server not as a primary domain
  • run as master browser
  • share each user’s home directory
  • share a common directory among users called public
  • share the server’s CD ROM drive
  • share the HP LaserJet printer”