Linux Hot Plug List

Alan Cox

A lot of people both from the Telco and Vendor side expressed a
lot of interest about Hot Plug PCI at Linux Expo. There is now a
list [email protected] that will hopefully help people
co-ordinate things like access to hot plug PCI specifications and
hardware between vendors and linux folk, as well as helping vendors
wanting to assist by contributing code to do so reasonably.

Mail [email protected]
to subscribe. Although this list is hosted at Red Hat, it isnt in
any way intended to be Red Hat specific, they are simply hosting

Finally one or two folks who were very observant might be
thinking “but Motorola demoed Linux pci hot plug at…”.
Unfortunately Motorola don’t seem to want to play, provide code or
do anything but show it. Waiting for and then giving up on them is
why this list formation is somewhat delayed.