linux.ie: vi tutorial, episode 2 – filters, word count and more

[ Thanks to Ken Guest
for this link. ]

“Firstly, I’d like to thank everybody who mailed me about my
last vi tutorial for their kind words – and for asking for more! I
also want to clarify that I am not using vi itself but the better
known clone called ‘vim’ which has been ported to a number of
different operating systems (Linux, Beos, VMS, DOS, Windows and
Amiga to name but a few) and is available for download at the vim
website, www.vim.org. I’m mentioning this because there is a chance
that I might accidentally describe some vim specific functionality
and would greatly appreciate it if corrections were emailed to me.
Anyways, time to get on with it…”

There is one mildly annoying thing about vi, which is that for
the most part you don’t know for certain if one line of text is
displayed as just one line or whether it might be so long as to
wrap around and be displayed on the screen as being two or more
This can be extremely annoying if for example you
delete four lines and, due to word wrap, you really only should
have deleted two.”


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