Linux in Education: Athens Schools

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“But the number of instances that you hear of in
regards to actual full on Linux and Open Source adoption in schools
is few and far between, even though the number of schools
supporting both is on the rise, albeit slowly. That’s why I was
very pleased recently to hear about a local school just southwest
of where I live that had taken to living life with the penguin.

“That school was Athens Public Schools of Athens Michigan. I
managed to secure an interview with their chief of information
systems, one Barry Shackelford. Upon arriving at his humble little
hut, a small, somewhat seasoned little masonry building, I was
surprised to find a Free Software Foundation sticker emblazoned
prominently on the window into the building.

“That’s a good sign in and of itself. Upon entering, I was
greeted by Barry and we talked for a while. He’s prior service
military, having spent over 20 years in the Air Force, and a man
with more degrees than his wall could hold. Yet he was very down to
earth and a lot of fun to talk with. He started with Athens schools
in 2004 and has been doing their IT work ever since. His official
title is “Technology Director” for the schools.”

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